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TDV Global Inc. is a strategic management consulting firm dedicated to the delivery of high-quality services to technical, scientific and regulatory organizations which contribute to a safe, secure and prosperous world.

Strategy & Operations

We provide a full range of strategic, operational and business professional services, with particular focus on navigating complex stakeholder environments and crowded strategic spaces.


Capacity Development

We conduct international capacity development and technical assistance activities, including training, in the areas of food safety, animal health, public health and health security.


Risk & Emergency Management

We develop strategies, processes, exercises, assessments, partnerships and capability to address risk, and manage and recover from emergencies.


Change Management

We provide proven, research-based, high engagement methodologies, with coaching support, to develop strategies to drive and manage change. Our focus includes leadership development, team development, organizational culture, and stakeholder engagement.


Evaluation & Review

We develop tools and processes to measure and manage performance, helping our clients to determine where and how to implement effective change, and remain ahead of key drivers and emerging needs.


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