Agriculture and Food Safety

Agriculture and Food Safety

The food system worldwide is undergoing transformational change.  Shifting consumer demands for food worldwide have resulted in a broader array of products with new and potentially complex dietary, nutritional and preparatory requirements.  The amplified scale of the food production system results in more significant impacts from lapses in food safety regimes, as demonstrated by recent crises, including melamine, E. Coli or Listeria contaminations.

Across an increasingly globalized food supply chain, from producers to processors to retailers, industry is under significant pressure to meet this growing demand while ensuring the safety of consumers.   Government regulators are being challenged to keep pace with the speed of change to ensure that appropriate standards are developed and backed up with effective inspection and enforcement.

TDV consultants have decades of experience helping health and food authorities worldwide to engage in strategic renewal, and pursue novel approaches to deliver preventative, timely and flexible food safety and nutrition programming in the face of unprecedented change.

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