Increasing global integration has changed the paradigm in which health-based organizations operate.  An interconnected world requires new tools and approaches to track, control and mitigate the spread of disease, promote healthy living, and deliver high-quality, cost-effective care.  New models are required to promote systems-based thinking, and the integration of related disciplines such as animal, human and environmental health to address these challenges - and to protect the health of our societies at the national, regional and international level. 

These organizations and institutions require an increased awareness of the complex systems in which they operate, and razor-sharp strategic focus to maximize the value of their efforts, leverage partnerships, and deliver high performance programs and services that fit existing and emerging needs.

TDV has the experience, understanding, and expertise necessary to help our clients build strong, resilient organizations and institutions with the capabilities and strategies in place to provide leadership within their strategic domain, and to maintain the public trust required to improve and protect the health, safety and prosperity of the people and societies they serve.

Public Health & Healthcare Delivery

TDV has over a decade of experience providing strategic and operational support to public health and patient care organizations and institutions. TDV is ideally placed to help you navigate the myriad of interdependent organizations and critical systems our modern societies depend on to protect and support the health of people.  From planning and preparedness, to surveillance, response, care delivery and recovery, TDV supports the development of the strategies and capacities required to achieve your organizational goals, and the resiliency to adapt to emerging needs.

Animal & Agricultural Health

Animal and agricultural health is intrinsically linked to the health of humans and is critical to food production and the economies of nations worldwide.  TDV has extensive experience developing and implementing strategies to protect the health of animals and agricultural systems.

Health Sciences

Modern health challenges require the mobilization of scientific organizations, enabled by world-class science and technology, to deliver a healthier world.  As in recent years, the decades ahead will see rapid advances in the health and related sciences, providing powerful new tools and approaches to advance the health of people, animals and our environment, protect our economies and save lives.  TDV has worked with leading scientific organizations and institutions around the world, through periods of intensive change, to develop scientific strategies, and capacity to address pressing and emerging human and animal health challenges throughout Canada and around the world.

Health Security

A world safe and secure from infectious diseases requires the mobilization of organizations and resources from across sectors and borders.  In an increasingly globalized world, advanced biosafety and biosecurity strategies, and enhanced response infrastructure and programs are required to manage health-related risks.  From the development of advanced national, regional and global surveillance and diagnostic laboratory networks, building enhanced response protocols and capacities, conducting exercises, to the delivery of targeted threat reduction and risk-management initiatives, TDV is a leading provider of strategic support to organizations and institutions charged with securing a safer, healthier world.

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