Public Sector and Civil Society

Public Sector and Civil Society

From global to local

Globalization and increasing economic integration has had an impact on the power and role of national governments, granting other economic and political actors access to the world stage. 

Increasingly, important contributions to society are made through partnerships and complementary initiatives operated by the multitude of players that form the broader eco-system of a society, including governments, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and the private sector.  NGOs and other civil society groups are not only stakeholders in governance, but also a driving force behind greater national and international cooperation, through the active mobilization of public support for policies and programs.

New strategic approaches and models of organization and engagement are required to maximize the impact of programs, services, regulations and policy to ensure investments in civil society are effective, efficient, and sustainable over the long-term. 

TDV brings national, regional and international perspective to the challenges of operating effectively and collaboratively in a crowded but important strategic space, helping our clients to refine their strategic focus to articulate clear goals, design and manage effective programs and services, and develop the capacity to enhance their societal impact.

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