Evaluation & Delivering for Results

Learning from the Past to Help Define the Future

Whether scientific, technical or regulatory in nature, how do you define the impact of your programs and services, and how do you determine they are being delivered efficiently, effectively and sustainably?  Measuring performance is critical to determining where and how to implement effective change in your organization, and to remaining ahead of key drivers and emerging needs.  

TDV provides evaluation excellence and best practices to organizational leaders, policy-makers and analysts, including those in national and local governments, international organizations, and the voluntary and NGO sector.   We pride ourselves in adhering to high standards of practice in conducting structured evaluations and targeted reviews and studies of organizations, projects, policies, programs and the delivery of services.

Program Evaluation

Evaluation is an objective process of understanding how a program or other intervention was implemented, what effects it had, for whom, how and why.  Evaluations need to be tailored to the type of program being considered, and the types of questions it intends to answer. TDV evaluations generate reliable results for our clients which can be used and quoted with confidence. 

Our evaluations empower organizational leaders and managers to improve strategies and programs, and justify reinvestment or resource savings.   We help show you whether policies and programs are delivering as planned, and whether resources are being used efficiently and effectively.
The results of TDV evaluations play important roles in setting and delivering on organizational priorities and objectives, demonstrating accountability, and providing defensible evidence for independent scrutiny.  We contribute valuable knowledge to the program evidence base, feeding into future program and policy development, occupying a crucial role in the planning and policy cycles.

Building a Self-Improvement Culture

Evaluation is not just something that takes place after a policy or program has been implemented. Evaluation can be used effectively throughout the life of a policy or program to provide decision and policy-makers with timely feedback about whether a policy or program is being implemented as expected, whether important outputs are being delivered, and if there are any parts of the program which are not working, or which are working particularly well. 

TDV can support this continuous improvement ethos by delivering process evaluation, action research and case studies that provide critical performance information on the implementation and delivery of programs and services, providing decision and policy-makers with the opportunity to make impactful refinements and improvements, to maximize the opportunity for achieving their ultimate aims.

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