Evaluation & Delivering for Results

Monitoring and Evaluation so you can deliver results

Whether scientific, technical or regulatory in nature, how do you define the impact of your programs and services, and how do you determine they are being delivered efficiently, effectively and sustainably?  Monitoring and evaluation is critical to determining where and how to implement effective change in your organization, and to remaining ahead of key drivers and emerging needs. It is also a pre-requisite for delivering on results.  

TDV provides monitoring and evaluation excellence and best practices to organizational leaders, policy-makers and analysts, including those in national and local governments, international organizations, and the voluntary and NGO sector.   We pride ourselves in adhering to high standards of practice in conducting structured evaluations and targeted reviews and studies of organizations, projects, policies, programs and the delivery of services. We are conversant on the Policy on Results and Directive on Results, as well as international standards such as the OECD DAC.

In terms of performance management, we have extensive experience in results-based management, having developed RMAFs, Performance Measurement Strategies, Program Information Profiles or other results framework for a wide range of clients.

As a thought leader on results-based management, TDV Global designed and delivered a two-day training workshop on Delivering for Results in partnership with Building Blocks Technologies. http://www.bblockstech.com/assets/course_outlines/gov/DEL.pdf

Program Evaluation

Evaluation is an objective process of understanding how a program or other intervention was implemented, what effects it had, for whom, how and why.  Evaluations need to be tailored to the type of program being considered, and the types of questions it intends to answer. TDV evaluations generate reliable results for our clients which can be used and quoted with confidence.  

Our evaluations empower organizational leaders and managers to improve strategies and programs and justify reinvestment or resource savings.   We help show you whether policies and programs are delivering as planned, and whether resources are being used efficiently and effectively.

The results of TDV evaluations play important roles in setting and delivering on organizational priorities and objectives, demonstrating accountability, and providing defensible evidence for independent scrutiny.  We contribute valuable knowledge to the program evidence base, feeding into future program and policy development, occupying a crucial role in the planning and policy cycles.

TDV Global has Credentialed Evaluators (CE) with the Canadian Evaluation Society (CES), bilingual and well-experienced in both quantitative and qualitative methods. We are very conversant in Treasury Board policies, including the Policy on Results and the Directive on Results. Having undertaken various international assignments, we are also conversant with the OECD DAC evaluation guidelines, and the WHO guidelines. We can speak in the many lexicons of results-based management, from logical frameworks to logic models, and from a host of governments both within the EU, as well as North America.

Representative Projects

TDV Global has successfully delivered over 50 formative and summative evaluations for clients. An example of some of our work and some links to the reports are as follows:

Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) evaluations have included several with the Geological Survey of Canada including Geo-mapping for Energy and Minerals (GEM) (https://www.nrcan.gc.ca/evaluation/reports/2012/800), and Targeted Geoscience Initiative 4 (TGI-4), as well as others include the Port Hope Area Initiative (https://www.nrcan.gc.ca/evaluation/reports/2011/818) Renewable Energy Development, Essential Geographic Information, Green Mining, Mining Innovation to name a few. Other government clients include Canadian Food Inspection Agency, Environment and Climate Change Canada, and Industry Canada.

Internationally, TDV Global has also worked with Global Affairs Canada, as an evaluator for the Sustainable Impact Investment in Frontier Markets (INFRONT) project, and as Program Monitor for CARICOM Trade and Competitiveness Project. We have also undertaken evaluations for the World Health Organization (WHO) on the Codex Trust Fund and the WHO publication function (http://www.who.int/about/evaluation/evaluation-report-nov2016.pdf?ua=1)

Performance Management

Ultimately, a successful strategy can clearly demonstrate achievement against expected results.  Measuring performance is critical to determining where and how to implement effective improvements and change in your organization, and to remaining ahead of emerging trends.  

TDV supports organizations to develop a continuous improvement culture that is linked to strategy, through the development of comprehensive performance management systems.  Our broad experience and knowledge of industry leading techniques and best practices, allows us to tailor a performance management strategy to your specific organizational context, including environment and culture. We have undertaken this work in for the Canadian federal government in the form of RMAFs, Performance Management Strategies, Program Information Profiles, and other variations such as evaluation frameworks. We have also done this for not-for-profit organizations such as Pallium Canada, and the College of Family Physicians of Canada, and regional organizations such as the CARICOM Secretariat.

Representative Projects

M&E Subject Matter Expert, UN Economic Commission for Africa, 2015 to 2018. TDV Partner Brian McKay was contracted to provide assistance to UNECA’s Africa Trade Policy Centre in developing a monitoring and evaluation framework for the Africa Union’s Boost Intra-African Trade (BIAT) initiative.

Performance Management Specialist, Pallium Canada, 2017-2018. Pallium Canada is a health sector NGO designing and delivering training and other knowledge products on palliative care to the Canadian health care provider sector. The work including assisting Pallium in developing a logic model and results framework in support of their funding agreement with Health Canada.

Program Monitor, CARICOM Trade and Competitiveness Program (CTCP), 2009-2016. TDV Partner Brian McKay was Global Affairs Canada’s Program Monitor for this $18m project that supported the CARICOM Office of Trade Negotiations (OTN), the CARICOM Single Market and Economy (CSME) Technical Unit, and the CARICOM Representative Office in Haiti.

Performance Measurement Strategy, Going to Canada Immigration Portal, IRCC and ESDC, 2011. Developed a Performance Measurement Strategy for this horizontal initiative, focused on a web portal for potential immigrants. The strategy incorporated specific web analytics and other performance measures in the framework.




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