Risk Reduction & Emergency Preparedness

Enhancing Resiliency and Response

TDV Global is focused on the delivery of management solutions to clients who operate in high-risk environments.  Our focus on scientific, technical and regulatory sectors ensures we are familiar with the risks our clients face, and that we can develop strategies to mitigate risk and build the resiliency required to ensure our clients are ready to meet emerging challenges, manage emergencies, and recover from the unexpected. 

Risk and Threat Reduction

For over a decade, TDV has been working with organizations to assess, reduce and manage risks and threats to organizations and their clients.  We have worked across sectors and broad stakeholder communities to develop a comprehensive understanding of risk environments, and to develop strategies and programs to reduce risk, and prepare for the unexpected.  Whether the risk is to organizations, people, animals, the environment, or brand, TDV has developed modern strategies to minimize threats and prevent disaster.

Emergency Management

We work with our clients throughout the emergency management cycle, from preparedness to response and recovery, to develop resilient systems capable of managing emergencies and recovering quickly from the unexpected.  Whether it be a pandemic or other health emergency, and food-borne illness outbreaks, animal health and trade access, or natural disaster, TDV has the experience to support critical operations and ensure effective incident management.  We support our clients through analysis, planning, exercise development and delivery, and direct emergency operations support.  

Modern emergency management systems involve myriad organizations and communities who`s expertise and capability is required to effectively respond to emergencies. We provide support in some of the most complex strategic and operations environments, developing the partnerships and capability required to address risk, and manage and recover from emergencies. 

TDV has the experience, understanding, and expertise necessary to help our clients build strong, resilient organizations and institutions with the capabilities and strategies in place to provide leadership within their strategic domain, and to maintain the public trust required to improve and protect the health, safety and prosperity of the people and societies they serve.  

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