Management Consultants

From Strategies to Solutions - Delivering Impact for a Changing World

Understanding Your Needs

Shared Delivery


As stable funding bases erode, organizations have to move to joint delivery with others to meet objectives; examples include Federal / Provincial / Territorial initiatives, Public/Private Partnerships and Multi-Sectoral Networks. The following examples demonstrate how TDV can help you to establish and maintain the relationships and accountabilities to make shared delivery a success.

Increased Scrutiny


No one is an island…” and in today’s reality no project or program is conducted without scrutiny. This can be the need to consult with the public, the need to manage pressure from interest groups and activists or the need to be ready for demonstrating the delivery of results. The following examples highlight how TDV can help you to prepare for scrutiny and successfully engage with those whose opinions are critical to your success.

Complex Environments


 Today’s working environments are complex, with often many partners and stakeholders, many different disciplines and levels, and possibly many different nationalities trying to work towards shared goals. Navigating these environments effectively requires an understanding of who is who and how all the players are linked to one another. TDV helps provide rigour and structure to complex environments to enable better understanding and to facilitate effective management. 

Rapid Turnover


Today’s world is fast. Staff move often, deadlines are short, targets shift. TDV can provide stability, be the repository of corporate memory and a source for short-term skill requirements by providing secretariat and project management services.

Specialist Skill Sets


 Most projects today are multidisciplinary in nature. Some very specialized skill sets may be needed by the project but are not needed long-term by any of the delivery partners. TDV has provided specialists to highly technical domestic and international projects.

Funding Pressures


As “core and stable long term funding" disappears, many organizations find themselves having to compete for funding for the first time. TDV has helped clients to successfully develop strategies and apply for funding from a wide variety of funding vehicles for both minor and major initiatives.