Our Team

Micheal Ennis

Managing Partner

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Brian McKay

Senior Partner

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James Dunlop


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Mylan Ly


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Louise Ems

Office Manager

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Shawn Ennis

Business Analyst 

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Our Associates

TDV Global can draw specific expertise from a vast pool of associates:

Michael Bradshaw

Strategic Planning, Organizational Development

David Nelson

Strategic Planning, Project Management

Ian McDonell

Plant Health, Large Group Facilitation

Robert Clarke

Public Health, Animal Health

Louis Nadeau

Evaluation, Financial Management 

Kenneth Watson

Evaluation, International Development

Lauren Evans

Change Management

Andrea Gratham

Executive Leadership, Communications 

Steven Jones

Public Health, Biosafety 

John Jozsa 

Evaluation, Economics 

Sandra Yanover

Classification Design, Organizational Development 

David Peate

Evaluation, Strategic Planning

Our Subject Matter Experts

TDV Global can draw specific expertise from a vast pool of subject matter experts:

Lynn Curry

Foresight, Environmental Scanning

Shiela Moorcroft

Foresight, Environmental Scanning

John Rainford

Risk Communications, Emergency Management

Elizabeth Dyke

Evaluation, Public Health

Graham Clarke

Animal Health, International SPS

Maureen Ellis

Biosafety, Biosecurity

Freeman Libby

Agrifood, International; SPS