Our Partners

TDV Global Inc has established relationships with a few strategic partners with whom we share not only complementary services, but also complementary values and visions. We are always seeking new partnerships in order to provide our clients with a complete solution to challenges they face in today's complex work environments.

International Federation of Biosafety Associations (IFBA)


The International Federation of Biosafety Associations (IFBA) is not-for-profit non-governmental organization of regional and national Biosafety Associations from all areas of the world. The IFBA lays the foundation for the implementation of strategies to minimize the serious dangers that can arise from the failure to implement sound biosafety and biosecurity practices. The IFBA has engaged the services of TDV Global for the provision of secretariat support since 2009.

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Centre for Trade Policy and Law (CTPL)


The Centre for Trade Policy and Law (CTPL) is Canada’s premier trade policy capacity building institution. CTPL helps governments around the world in the design, negotiation and implementation of their respective international trade strategies. They specialize in policy-relevant analysis, expertise and support. TDV Global and CTPL have partnered on several trade related technical assistance and capacity building initiatives.

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Building Blocks

Building Blocks Technologies Inc was founded in 2003 with the mandate to provide training and consulting services to all levels of government and the business community. These services are offered across Canada and on-demand worldwide.