Strategy & Operations


Strategic Planning & Advice

 Strategy is instrumental to high-performance organizations.  Strategic organizations understand the impact they intend to deliver.  They understand their environment, and who their stakeholders, partners and clients are.  Most of all, they understand how they need to operate, and what they need to do to realize their vision an

d goals.  

By applying a range of customizable methods and approaches in the areas of strategic planning, environmental scanning and stakeholder engagement, TDV Global is able to work with diverse organizations and groups to develop winning strategies to build organizational capacity required meet clear objectives.

Our approach to strategic planning is built on a foundation of experience and expertise across a range of sectors and organizational types.  Our approach puts our clients front-and-centre, tailoring the level and style of engagement to organizational culture and to the complexity of the technical and stakeholder environment. Recognizing the expertise of our clients in their respective fields, TDV brings complementary perspectives and an approach and process to develop strategies that can deliver real impact. 


 Knowing where you want to go is half the battle, but success ultimately depends on implementation.  Our experience with diverse scientific, technical and regulatory organizations, combined with our customizable, participative methodologies, enables us to understand and adapt to your planning reality – providing realistic solutions to support operational activities that directly support organizational strategy.

TDV engages with organizations throughout their business planning processes to enable organizational structures, tools, processes and networks.