Change Management

Change is your reality - how can your organization and your people survive and succeed?  Successful and sustainable organizational change depends on achieving the right balance between:

  • Urgency/Speed
  • Leadership
  • Engagement and Communication

TDV provides proven, rapid, research-based high engagement methodologies, with coaching support to Change Leaders, to develop strategies to drive and manage change.  Our commitment to knowledge and skills transfer will ensure your organization’s change resilience is always growing. TDV Global consultants Mike Ennis, Judith Newland and Brian McKay have proven change management expertise, and are certified on the PROSCI®change management methodologies and tools. We are able to combine our knowledge and experience on change management with our other competencies in strategic planning, human systems, project management and performance management to provide extremely well-rounded advice and support to our clients.

The following figure has links to some of our thinking on certain elements of change management:

Leadership Development

Successful change is all about people.   Individuals, managers and leaders need support to address their own evolution through change.   

TDV provides traditional coaching support enhanced by a range of psychometric instruments, some of which specifically address the developmental progression from manager to leader.  Our approach, supported by proven methodologies and powerful assessment tools, focuses on building the leadership competencies required by a new generation of leaders.

Team Development

 In today’s complex environment, virtually no-one works alone.   Different individuals adapt to change at different rates.  How can you ensure that your teams and workgroups effectively embrace change, while supporting the professional and development needs of individuals? 

TDV provides scenarios and team-based assessments to enable teams to understand and improve their working methods to become truly trans-disciplinary.  We have extensive experience developing unique and powerful approaches for team work related to challenging, complex working environments and complicated multi-dimensional issues. 

Organizational Culture

 Culture can have a profound impact on individuals and organizations.  It shapes our actions and interactions, and informs an organization’s values and priorities.  The scope and speed of change is always constrained or enabled by what people believe to be possible or acceptable within their organization.  

TDV provides research-based methodologies to analyze this culture, to identify key points of leverage for change, and to measure and demonstrate the progress of change.  Through these processes we can develop comprehensive strategies to manage change across an organization, and throughout its culture. 

Stakeholder Engagement

Managing change in a complex system depends on your organization’s ability to engage effectively with people in the broader environment.  Some of them will be pro-change, and some are bound to be opposed.   Understanding and engaging a complex stakeholder environment is critical to defining the “scope of the possible”.  

TDV brings experience with developing agreement, consensus and commitment to action with local, national and international stakeholder groups, whether large or small, and regardless of the stakeholder diversity or geographic distribution. 

 TDV Stakeholder Engagement projects can be downloaded here.