International Development


Transforming Institutions for a Better World

Diverse international settings require a unique approach and an appreciation of cultural norms and values in order to initiate institutional change.

The subject matter may change, but our objective is always to provide effective and sustainable transformational change to an institution's capacity - be that at the policy, organizational or operational level.  TDV has been delivering international Technical Assistance and Capacity Development (TACD) activities for the past decade. Focused on our scientific and regulatory specialization, we have conducted TACD activities in the areas of food safety, animal health and public health, in countries throughout every region of the world.

Participative Needs Assessment and Design

Upon initiating a consulting engagement, we strive to establish a clear understanding of your organization, its operating environment, and the underlying capacities and tools that are required to meet both existing and emerging needs.  Our capacity development approach includes a participative needs assessment and project design process, including comprehensive diagnostic missions that combine site and field visits with structured planning workshops. 

By planning in direct collaboration with our clients, we are able to ensure that any intervention addresses the right issues, has the required stakeholder commitment, and is based on an agreed approach and clearly defined results.

Capacity Development Activities

TDV provides a full range of TACD activities, including strategic and operational planning support, partnership and sustainable funding development, stakeholder management, training, coaching, seminars, workshops, practical field and simulation exercises.

Through our train-the-trainer approach, we emphasize the effective transition of knowledge and skills to empower our clients well beyond the duration of any project, providing new capacity and lasting value.  By making our underlying approaches available, clients are empowered to further disseminate knowledge and training, and build capacity within their organizations and networks.